Natural Sins™

natural-sinsNatural Sins Ltda. & LLC, is an international company which manufactures and sells all natural dried fruits and vegetables snacks. Natural Sins incorporated in San José, Costa Rica and Palm Beach Gardens, FL, US in 2010 by Andrés Dominguez CEO, and Ivan Sosa, Production Manager.

Natural Sins has the mission of changing how people think about snacking and fighting obesity. Natural Sins competitive advantage lies in the quality of its products due to specialization and innovatively manufacturing techniques. Natural Sins is well positioned to develop a highly profitable, sustainable business, with endless growth opportunities. Natural Sins found a way to reinvent the natural and dried
tropical fruit snack.

Natural Sins manufactures and sells all natural Baked Dried fruits and vegetables, maintaining the fresh product shape, color and taste. Its products contain zero fat and sodium, are low in calories and high in diet fiber, explaining their Crispy texture.

Natural Sins is quickly responding to the increasing consumer demand for high quality natural dried fruits snack options. Consumers, especially in the U.S, are becoming more conscious of their diets and this trend has driven a market demand for all natural exotic tropical dried fruits. Marketed to health conscious women of 25 to 65 years old and belonging to medium/upper social classes; Crispy Thins various choices of
fruits and vegetables fit just right in this growing sector.

Natural Sins is currently selling its products in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Canada, United States of America and Japan.