KottonZoo began in 2010 as a wholesale and event merchandising company and has evolved into a twenty-first century merchandising company. Through the company’s flagship online Megamall and e-commerce platform, www.KottonZoo.com, clients, customers and content developers are empowered to create, buy and sell a variety of customized and personalized on-demand products, monetize their brand name, and establish a full scale merchandise presence with little or no cost, time or effort.

Empowering Brands through Technology to Stay Current with the Latest Trends. Customers and consumers are always looking for the next best thing. The KottonZoo on-demand printing model empowers the client to upload the latest designs and content onto garments and accessories to a base of over 50 products with thousands of variations in styles, colors and cuts. KottonZoo has surpassed the inventory-based model, as it does not fit within the new dynamic market.

The company specializes in other supporting merchandise services including merchandise sales and promotion, event merchandise management, production and fulfillment, and brand management services which include design, product and content development and customer service. The business serves a diverse range of clients and customers.

Tim Jones | President

Mr. Jones has nearly a decade of experience in sales and event sales management. He is directly responsible to ensure the company sales strategy is being executed and the company continues its growth trend. He is a strong, confident sales leader and has an expansive background in managing teams, promotion and customer retention. He has gained an in-depth understanding of the interpersonal dynamics and motivations of clients, customers, vendors and suppliers.