haku is one simple, elegant app that provides all of the tools you need to plan, manage, and execute a successful running, cycling, swimming or triathlon event. We empower race organizers with state-of-the-art, cost-free tools to plan their events, track their progress, engage their participants, and meet their goals.

But a successful event can only take place when people show up happy on race day. With haku, the event registration process for participants is quick, easy, and reliable. We put the user – your customer – first.

At haku, we know that race organizers aren’t just planning events. They’re raising money for charities, promoting their businesses, connecting people to each other, and establishing goodwill with their communities. We’re all about communities, so we provide tools to help organizers connect and engage with their event participants to build communities around their events.

“Haku” is an expression used in the old Inca civilization meaning “do” or “let’s go.” It’s about action… something said in a social setting from one person to another to get them moving – to get things done.

At haku, we’re about action. About social engagement. About getting things done in the most efficient, seamless ways possible. So we’ve built an app that makes event organization more actionable and less cumbersome.

You can pay to use three or four different software platforms as you plan your race – one for registration, one for social promotion, one for tracking finances, one for email marketing – or you can do everything in one simple app, for free, through haku.