Blackdove Inc.


Blackdove Inc.

Blackdove delivers original motion artwork from today’s most compelling global artists in a modern app driven experience for smart and internet connected screens. Capitalizing on the technology shift in art that follows similar shifts in digital music and e­books, Blackdove is delivering an original art experience packaged in a monthly subscription service.

Technology Shift: Based on the widespread availability of low cost hardware as well as the availability of advanced creative tools for the artist community, new art is being created globally that leverages digital as it’s native canvas. Unlike traditional art, motion art is structurally digital and therefore is not constrained by prior legacy models of the physical world which include scarcity as a driver of price and physical warehousing for distribution.

Problem: The sale of digital art has not yet shifted to an internet based distribution model. Digital art continues to be sold through traditional art galleries in limited editions and at relatively high price points.

Our Product: Blackdove is a cloud based digital arts management platform that allows customers to view, purchase and stream digital motion art to their television. Customers download a free app to their smart televisions, mobile phone or dedicated display and receive a stream of art directly to their living room.