South Florida companies hunt mobile, web-based dollars

Date: 08th August, 2014




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November 14, 2013

Paul Brinkmann







With a few exceptions, companies featured in Thursday’s Emerging Technologies Business Showcase were Internet, mobile application or software-based companies based in Boca Raton.

There was Cydec Sofware LLC, focused on integrating payments to Google and Amazon services; Flyinstyle, a mobile app letting travelers interact socially and, software service devoted to the travel rental industry.

“It was a good mix of investors and investor pitches. The reaction has been very positive. There were a lot of discussions. Investors have pulled me aside and said, can you get me his contact information,” said Robert Strandberg president and CEO of Enterprise Development Corp. of South Florida.

Panelists at the conference said mobile device sales are more important every day for their companies.

Other companies not focused on tech included DeliverLean, a meal delivery service, and NextStep, a financial service that allows parents or drug rehab clinics to provide limited cash on a debit card that is restricted with a daily curfew and by types of merchandise that can be purchased.

Eric Dresdale of Palm Beach County is the 30-year-old entrepreneur who created the concept of NextStep. He was written up in local media last year for the concept. He plans to launch sales of the card in January.

He’s seeking $500,000 investment from an angel investor for the idea. There were no immediate bites on his pitch Thursday at the conference in Deerfield Beach.

“But this has been a great experience and you never know what these connections are going to turn into,” Dresdale said.