Networking: How to meet the right people to grow your business or brand

Date: 09th February, 2015

Meeting people really isn’t a difficult endeavor; you really can just walk up to anyone and start a conversation about almost anything. But when you’re investing in a baby business or growing your startup, meeting the RIGHT people couldn’t be more crucial. Although there’s a million ways to go about it, there’s a few beginning steps you can take right now. They’ll help you begin meeting the right people who can help you get the right things in place to grow your business or brand the way you want.

Figure out WHO you need to connect with:

Connections are THE fundamental building block of growing a successful business, and figuring out the people that you need to meet and believe in you is the first step.  Research. Make a list. Figure out what kind of connection you want. Do you want them to help with networking? Do you need them to invest? Do you need money, partnerships, customers? Make the steps to figure out what you need and then how you can achieve it; and WHO can help you.

Attend deliberately:

Once you figure out those individuals that you want to make the crucial connections with, be deliberate in where you show your face. Where do you want to be seen? Who do you want to be associated with? Attending events and networking opportunities deliberately and with purpose will help your business boom. Because let’s face it, a plumber attending a Mary Kay event probably won’t be very productive (it could be, who knows?) but a startup leader attending a conference on the importance of social media or unique investment opportunities might do a bit of good.  Look into different opportunities, because that’s where you’ll find the unique people you need to get to that next step. Attend events that cost less, but give more. Research and join coffee meet-ups, free seminars, and exceptional speaking events. Even try calling before your first time at a member event such as a chamber or alliance, say you’re “testing out the waters” to see if that’s the event you need to be at.

Look in local area
Use resources
‘Google it’, ask what other people are doing
Keep your options open to the types of events

Build strategic relationships:

Finally, Figuring out who you need to connect with and attending crucial events are just the launching steps to get you and your business or brand name out into the world, but making the strategic relationships is the key. Everyone you meet should be deliberate, open a door for them and let them open the doors for you. Share your opportunities and connections with those you meet, and you’ll find that they’ll do the same. Everything and everyone eventually connects. Open up your opportunities by sharing yourself, your brand, and your business with those you come into contact with, because you’ll never know how to open the RIGHT doors, if you don’t meet the RIGHT people.