Impressive Launch to the Investor Series

Date: 17th December, 2016


Thank you to everyone that participated and supported the launch of the “Inside the Investors Head” series. We were excited to begin the series with New World Angels (an investor group from Florida, Early Stage to Series A) and their new president, Steve O’Hara.

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We had an amazing afternoon with five companies that NWA selected from the over 30 companies that were submitted for the investors review.  We met at Holland & Knight in their Brickell location for the afternoon and each entrepreneur gave a brief presentation.  These entrepreneurs experienced a significant amount of information on how their presentation went, what they would need to work on in order to be considered a highly qualified candidate for funding through their angel group and how that process works.  With no initial guarantee of funding, it looks like most are ready (with a few steps) to submit their application to the group to present formally.

We saw:

Magneceutical Health

There were also several other entrepreneurs that looked interesting to the group, so we plan on further engagement and funding.

Erik Mendelson, Founder of RecordGram, had this to say about his experience: “Rob and Deborah from the Enterprise Development Corporation opened a huge door for my startup RecordGram by organizing a meeting with the new president of the New World Angels.  As a direct result, we’re confident that our seed round will be closed within a few months.  Both Rob and Deborah are champions for startups in Florida and their initiatives thru the EDC definitely fill a void for our growing South Florida startup ecosystem.”

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Evening Presentation

The evening event launched at the IDEA Center in Miami Dade Community College with over sixty attendees.  There were several members from New World Angels present to engage and discuss their funding structure with the many entrepreneurs attending.

Executive Director, Rob Strandberg began by thanking those in support of this effort, most especially the Miami Downtown Development Authority (DDA) as the Platinum Sponsor of this Investor Series.  Also noted was the New World Angels and their new President, Steve O’Hara along with several of their members attending.  Rob briefly outlined the intent of the series.  Specifically that every month the EDC will hold a “Meet the Investor” event that is a combination of limited one-on-one afternoon introductions  followed by an early evening reception with a broader audience that will have the opportunity to gain insight into each investors specific process for applicants.

Steve O’Hara did just that.  He gave a great summary as to the process of financing from beginning to end with New World Angels.  With insightful examples of what has worked, or not, with the group, how they look to improve on their internal processes and investing money into the hands of Florida entrepreneurs.  The audience was also able to ask clarifying questions and gain true insight into how the NWA thinks as an angel investment group. Steve stated that “New World Angels has had a long and productive relationship with EDC.  EDC’s new “Meet the Investors” series is a must for entrepreneurs and investors.  New World Angels was delighted to be the inaugural investor in Miami series and left with many new relationships with entrepreneurs from the Miami area”

Entrepreneurs submit your documents and/or questions to to be included in this series.

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