Afternoon One-to-One Capital Introductions

Date: 08th October, 2016

If Miami startups were randomly asked what our entrepreneurial community’s most frustrating issue is, the vast majority would respond that we need to have far better financing attention and serious consideration that will lead to a much higher level of early stage funding by active Florida and non-Florida investors.

EDC is announcing a series of events in Miami that have resulted from our long-standing partnership with the Miami Downtown Development Authority (“DDA”).   Every one to two months, EDC will hold a “Meet the Investor” event series, that will be a combination of limited one-on-one introductions between an active early stage investor group and some of South Florida’s most promising startups followed by an early evening investor reception where a broader audience of entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to more directly learn from each investor’s specific process for applicants and advice to these startups.

The objective of these direct “capital Introductions” is to help startups acquaint themselves with active Florida and non-Florida early stage investors and help the investors identify South Florida’s best emerging investor-ready companies.  Additionally we want to enable EDC to better prepare and present companies to engage investors and facilitate ongoing investor/startup discussions and updates.

To participate in the limited one-on-one introductions with investors, please email your executive summary and pitch deck to .   The EDC plans to review your information to assure that you are presenting your company in the best possible way.   Your summary will also be reviewed by each investor over the duration of the series.  We plan to have investors that range from early to later stage, some generalists, some specialists, from Florida and beyond.  The investor will determine 4 or more companies to meet with.  If selected, there is no cost to the entrepreneurs and no registration necessary for attending the afternoon one-to-one introductions.


For more information on the next event, visit our Events Page.