Enterprise Development Corporation of South Florida

Enterprise Development Corporation of South Florida is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides advisory and support services to help position entrepreneurs, investors, and partners for success and grow South Florida’s start-up ecosystem. As part of its mission, the nonprofit organization actively facilitates connections between entrepreneurs and investors, organizes impactful events, attracts capital, and helps shape a regional agenda to strengthen the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Since 1994, it has helped more than 300 companies per year, and its total economic impact in South Florida has exceeded $500 million.

As part of its mission to create an innovation- and entrepreneurial-driven economy in South Florida, the organization supports the following key audiences:

Entrepreneurs: Empowers start-ups to navigate opportunity by providing with mentorship, strategic advisory services, and connections to capital.
Investors: Helps identify, prepare and present promising companies to investors.
Partners:  Provides strategic development, assistance and management of incubator programs, and general advisory services to key partners.

Enterprise Development Corporation of South Florida manages a variety of programs to accelerate new company creation and growth:

  • Venture Mentoring program
  • Introductions to capital through local angel networks and funds
  • Management of business incubator programs across South
  • Florida Production of annual conferences and regular meetings that provide visibility and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs

Enterprise Development Corporation of South Florida also participates in specific statewide programs that enhance the creation and development of science and technology companies, and supports other local organizations with monthly programming. As a clearinghouse for entrepreneurial activity, Enterprise Development Corporation of South Florida engages with local business leaders, investors, colleges and universities, government entities, and other public and private groups that share a commitment to Florida’s economic vitality.


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