Enterprise Development Corporation Florida (EDC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides advisory and support services to help position entrepreneurs, investors, and partners for success and grow South Florida’s start-up ecosystem. As part of its mission, the nonprofit organization actively facilitates connections between entrepreneurs and investors, organizes impactful events, attracts capital, and helps shape a regional agenda to strengthen the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Since 1994, it has helped more than 300 companies per year, and its total economic impact in South Florida has exceeded $500 million.

As part of its mission to create an innovation- and entrepreneurial-driven economy in South Florida, the organization supports the following key audiences:

  • Entrepreneurs: The EDC empowers start-ups to navigate opportunity by providing with mentorship, strategic advisory services, and connections to capital.
  • Investors: The EDC helps identify, prepare and present promising companies to investors.
  • Partners:  The EDC provides strategic development, assistance and management of incubator programs, and general advisory services to key partners.